Friday, November 2, 2007

The Holiday Season Is Upon Us!

Oh my gosh, this morning as I watched the news. They spoke of cutting down and transporting the Tree to Rockefeller Center, NYC. Jeez, where does the time go. Christmas just around the corner I created this lovely ornament to place in a swap. It may help bring a sense of calm to the upcoming holiday season. Enjoy! K.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


What's this you ask? Its when all the cool ladies from MOCHA(Monmouth and Ocean Counties Happy Artists) get together and take mini seminars to learn new techniques. This year yours truly was one of the honored guests invited to teach. It really was a lot of fun. There were a few things I might do differently next time. But over all I think everyone left my group with a sense that they learned some fun new techniques. So since I haven't posted in a bit I thought it might be fun to do a piece about my adventure. Hope you like.
Peace out,

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Geez, I can't believe summer is coming to close so quickly. Summer should be 4 months long. (smile). Well I uploaded some fun fashion ATCs to get us ready for fall. I joined in on a cool fashion ATC swap at the SWAP BOT. These little babies will be mailed off to my swap partners. I hope they like them.
I was inspired to do some fashion related swaps in honor of my daughter getting another internship at Vogue. Maybe she can keep me "on point". (smile).
Well enjoy the rest of the lazy days of summer.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


If I ever say I never sell anything on there again smack me. I had one of the most successful weekends ever selling on there. I was singing all the way to post office. I love EBAY. I just happened to sitting at the computer and decided to browse the site. Hmm, after looking over some of the different items people had for sale. I went digging in my closet for an old designer handbag and some designer jewelry I had laying around. After a little picture work, wallah. Three days later I am off to the post office and my PayPal account had some cobwebs removed. I am a happy camper. Well off to the art supply store. I hope you didn't think I would spend the money on anything else. I did pick up a wonderful new magazine that I hope will inspire me to recreate my blog. Its by Somerset Studio "Artful Blogging". It looks very cool and extremely inspirational. I'm sure I will put it to good use. Happy Crafting.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Garage Sale Success

Garage Sales can really inspire the muse in all of us. The other day I went to a garage sale and actually made out like a bandit. Oh the treasures you can find in someone else's trash. Being an altered artist that creative mind can just start ticking away at record speed, especially if you are put in a yard sale with craft items. Yoo Hoo!!!!
I walked away with delicious items like a gourmet chef in newly opened french market. Scrabble and board games, Trivia Pursuit, Old License Plates, Wooden Letters, Tea Tins, Old Life Magazine, Gold Bird Cage and more. All for just $10.00. Damn I'm good. Now lets see what I can come up with from these goodies. See you soon.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Art

Here I am practicing some techniques I picked up at Art and Soul. I just put a little spin on it. (smile). Enjoy!

Faith's Healer

Here is a piece I made called "Faith's Healer". Since so much is going on in the world around us these days. I think this piece represents a warm and solemn place that we all need. The gentle image. The depth of the tapestry blanket representing all that is around us. Perched in front the milagros heart with the peaceful butterfly inside hoping to be released to bring peace and calm. When you look at this piece allow yourself to be taken to a peaceful place to "Faith's Healer". Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Add a little Art to your Day"

Along with my new artsy attitude, I am vowing to add at least one piece of art to my day. Today I created this little number from an overseas magazine ad(don't know which one and can't remember what ad). But the technique is one I saw in Somerset Magazine. Damn, wish I had thought of it first. ;o) It was a fun painting technique. Altering an existing photo to a fantasy creation. A special technique that I am sure I will use again. Enjoy and Happy crafting.

Friday, June 8, 2007


Its been a month already and I have seen more in this past month then I have in the past year. My life is certainly coming to a changing point. Now that my children are older, I have decided that it may be time to take care of me. I have come to terms with myself. Earlier in May I went on a fantastic journey to Art and Soul in Hampton VA. I met so many wonderful and talented people. I was truly in my element. I dreamed of living in an artist colony where we could all just live and create art together everyday. But alas the real world rarely possesses a place like this. I mean we do have to pay for shelter and food. ;o)

I have come to terms with myself and decided that this would be what I want out of life to travel, meet and create art with like minds. Most of my life, actually 33 years of it, I have surrounded myself with people who don't have interests or care about the same ideas or things I do. I understand now how that has stifled my growth for so long. Well I am ready to expand on my journey and grow further as my art muse calls me. Being self taught sometimes I can be unsure about what I want to pursue. But I think that's where I will have the most fun is finding out what things I like best. Because I am going to try my hand at each art technique and see what tickles my fancy. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

April 29, 2007
"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
This statement will ring true for me this week, yeah!!! Art and Soul Virginia is my destination. I am so ready for this. Woo Hoo! I think this little ATC says it all. Really looking forward to meeting the instructors and other people who share the same interests as me. Let me kick life's dustbunnies to the curb for a while. I will be back soon with a few new things to share.

Monday, March 12, 2007


This just happened to be one of those days. Over the weekend I was really down in the dumps, I mean really over the edge. I know some people may experience this when they reach a certain place on their timetable. But honestly, I felt like I was stranded on an island. The worst part yet, no one was even looking for me. Rough huh?

Well anyway, I woke up this morning and kicked myself into gear for Art day. Which was very successful. I had to create 9 ATCs for a Faith Ringgold swap. I then received a call from someone I hadn't heard from in over 6 months. Best of all I received a Secret Sister Birthday Package from one of my Friends thru Art, Ms. Carolyn Hoobler. She really outdid herself. Her gift was filled with delightful ethnic treats to alter cards and books with as well as my favorite M&Ms. Best of all was a beautiful box that she created just for me. It really had a special meaning. The box has 3 little girls on top and they remind me of my sisters and myself when we were growing up. I was the youngest. How did she know? Big quodos for that!
This was a delightful day and get this it was Monday!

Monday, February 26, 2007

It's Been A While

Here are some new atcs for trade: The Starlight Lounge Series

If you would like to trade for them:

1) Party Girl

2) Starlight Lounge

3) Sassy Sharona

4) She's so Cool

It has been a while, but I am among the living. Gosh, I have been so busy. Busy doing what you might ask. Well, for starters I help out in Suze Weinberg's Design Studio and its been busy. I also recently taught an altered book class there. It was fun. The ladies really showed their creativity and enjoyed the various background techniques I demonstrated for them. Plus, I've been trying to create art in between these things as well as think of new ideas. Do you think my brain is on overload yet? ;o) Its all fun and keeps me on my creative toes.

Well, I will see you all soon.


Saturday, February 3, 2007

Altered Book Journey

Altering has never been so much fun. It comes in second to trading cards. Which will always be my first love. When I saw the shape of this book, I immediately feel in love with it. I kept visualizing the images of curvy voluptuous women gracing the pages. But, I waited until the perfect picture came along before I began my creation. I am looking forward to the next one, this little red hot number definitely awakened my art muse. Enjoy.


Friday, February 2, 2007

Its Official

No. 8 is now gone. See you in a few days with some more for trade. :o)
Thanks for the support,

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Monday Art Day A Success

How delightful it is that all but 1 of my cards are spoken for. I really would like to thank all the interest that I had for my PlayDay Cards. Everyone was so kind with their comments. I do have one card unspoken for and that is card #8. So its first come first serve like before. I will be posting new art in a few days.

On to other news, a few posts back I spoke of someone I knew who suffered a debilitating illness on New Year's. Well I am delighted to say she has made a miraculous recovery. She does still have a long road ahead, but she's still with us. Which definitely reaffirms my belief in the power of prayer. Thank you Lord!

Feel free to share your comments and thoughts with me. But the rule is to keep it close to art. Please no ads or wacky entries. I won't read them. They will just be ignored or deleted. Thank you.

Have a blessed weekend. I will be off teaching a class. Here's a picture of one of the pages I will be showing how to create.



Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Takers for Art Playday

Wow, I have already swapped out card # 3 and #6. So they are no longer available. But if you are interested in swapping for the others just let me know.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Art Play Day

Today was Art Play day. I created 8 ATCs to trade let me know if you are interested. Hope you enjoy viewing them.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday's Art Play Day

I completely absorbed myself in making ATCs today. Some were already traded, So Special and Urban Soul are still available. If you are interested just leave me a comment or email me at

In Keeping With The Spirit Of Valentines Day

Here are some ATCs I created for an online swap, Enjoy!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Art Play Day

Today my art muse wanted to surface and play. I had a terrible bout with my sinuses. This unusual weather will be the death of me. But enough whining.
I belong to a group who's main focus is to alter fashion magazine photos. Mind you, these are not for sale they are merely just for fun and trade.
I really liked the image I chose. When I was flipping through the magazine she just struck me as one of those old style rockstars with an updated twist. Sorta like a modern day Janis or Grace. The title of the piece is "Letters to a Rock Star" as if she collected them. Keeping them under lock and key. ;o) Enjoy!

Saturday, January 6, 2007


"Hope is the source of strength. We can depend on our arms and hands. But we can't do anything without Hope." Starkhawk(Miriam Simos)

This is an emotional blog for me, because I learned last night that the very first group I joined in my altered art experiences Owner has fallen seriously ill. She was always an extremely kind person to me, often helping with the site until I was comfortable making my way around. She also would send me little treasures that she thought I would like. What a kind soul. I can only wish her and her loved ones many many prayers of recovery. She will remain in my thoughts each day. May God Bless You!


Friday, January 5, 2007

I am still feeling my way around a bit. But I uploaded this image of a postcard I altered for a swap awhile ago. I simply fell hard for the altered arts. I know there are many of us out there that try many different things just to see if we like them. Some we do for a while and others we kick to curb immediately. Well, I started my altered art experience last year roaming the net and came upon BMuse's group. It looked like fun so I made my first 3 ATCs and traded 1. It was true love from there. How wonderful to collect such small pieces of someones creativity and imagination. The plan is to collect as many as I can and hang them gallery style near my entry way or maybe my powder room (to keep visitors from peeking elsewhere) :o). Anywho enjoy the art.



Wednesday, January 3, 2007

One New Year's Resolution Down

It was my goal to set up a blog page for the coming new year (2007). I guess I have done it. Well with a little help from my hubby. I am not sure I will be able to post everyday but I will do my best, life is a little quiet right now. :o) My next New Year Resolution is to organize my studio. Wow, this is worst than the weight loss thing. I have been buried in my studio for two day so far and I feel like my progress is still beyond reach. I never knew paper goods could get so out of control. But I won't give up. I plan on having this baby in shape by the end of the month. Wish me luck. Anyhow, good luck to all of you who made NYR. Hang in there.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Welcome to Kimberly's Mixed Media Art Blog

Its been a long time coming. I classify myself as a "Hodgepodge Artist". Being a self taught artist many people and friends have admired my works. Often asking me when will I have a web page. For years the answer was I'm working on it. Well, 2007 I decided to make a change and go for the golden ring or at least the blog page. It is my goal with this page to share a delightful ecclectic mix of art. I hope you enjoy the work.

Bless all who enter here.
Peace, Kimberly