Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year!

2008 is shaping up to be my year! So many things have happened in a short period of time. Its about time too. I am so happy to see 2007 go. Thou it had so good points, it was hectic, chaotic, and challenging to the very end. It ended up with my older schnauzer needing emergency surgery(3 weeks before XMAS) for what they said were acorns. Well, they went in and NO ACORNS. Ugh! 2007 Good riddance!!!!

I stated that 2008 would be my year, where should I begin. First, I come home from vacation and find that a piece I submitted to Somerset Studio has been published. A gallery compilation was well received. Thank you to all the ladies who submitted inches. Props are due. My work has been accepted and distributed throughout the Art-O-Mat revolution. So cool. All this has happened within January. What could be next. :o)

The art piece above is inspired by Alma Stoller. It is a clay print. Enjoy.

Have a happy and healthy New Year,