Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Art

Here I am practicing some techniques I picked up at Art and Soul. I just put a little spin on it. (smile). Enjoy!

Faith's Healer

Here is a piece I made called "Faith's Healer". Since so much is going on in the world around us these days. I think this piece represents a warm and solemn place that we all need. The gentle image. The depth of the tapestry blanket representing all that is around us. Perched in front the milagros heart with the peaceful butterfly inside hoping to be released to bring peace and calm. When you look at this piece allow yourself to be taken to a peaceful place to "Faith's Healer". Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Add a little Art to your Day"

Along with my new artsy attitude, I am vowing to add at least one piece of art to my day. Today I created this little number from an overseas magazine ad(don't know which one and can't remember what ad). But the technique is one I saw in Somerset Magazine. Damn, wish I had thought of it first. ;o) It was a fun painting technique. Altering an existing photo to a fantasy creation. A special technique that I am sure I will use again. Enjoy and Happy crafting.

Friday, June 8, 2007


Its been a month already and I have seen more in this past month then I have in the past year. My life is certainly coming to a changing point. Now that my children are older, I have decided that it may be time to take care of me. I have come to terms with myself. Earlier in May I went on a fantastic journey to Art and Soul in Hampton VA. I met so many wonderful and talented people. I was truly in my element. I dreamed of living in an artist colony where we could all just live and create art together everyday. But alas the real world rarely possesses a place like this. I mean we do have to pay for shelter and food. ;o)

I have come to terms with myself and decided that this would be what I want out of life to travel, meet and create art with like minds. Most of my life, actually 33 years of it, I have surrounded myself with people who don't have interests or care about the same ideas or things I do. I understand now how that has stifled my growth for so long. Well I am ready to expand on my journey and grow further as my art muse calls me. Being self taught sometimes I can be unsure about what I want to pursue. But I think that's where I will have the most fun is finding out what things I like best. Because I am going to try my hand at each art technique and see what tickles my fancy. Wish me luck!