Thursday, July 26, 2007


If I ever say I never sell anything on there again smack me. I had one of the most successful weekends ever selling on there. I was singing all the way to post office. I love EBAY. I just happened to sitting at the computer and decided to browse the site. Hmm, after looking over some of the different items people had for sale. I went digging in my closet for an old designer handbag and some designer jewelry I had laying around. After a little picture work, wallah. Three days later I am off to the post office and my PayPal account had some cobwebs removed. I am a happy camper. Well off to the art supply store. I hope you didn't think I would spend the money on anything else. I did pick up a wonderful new magazine that I hope will inspire me to recreate my blog. Its by Somerset Studio "Artful Blogging". It looks very cool and extremely inspirational. I'm sure I will put it to good use. Happy Crafting.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Garage Sale Success

Garage Sales can really inspire the muse in all of us. The other day I went to a garage sale and actually made out like a bandit. Oh the treasures you can find in someone else's trash. Being an altered artist that creative mind can just start ticking away at record speed, especially if you are put in a yard sale with craft items. Yoo Hoo!!!!
I walked away with delicious items like a gourmet chef in newly opened french market. Scrabble and board games, Trivia Pursuit, Old License Plates, Wooden Letters, Tea Tins, Old Life Magazine, Gold Bird Cage and more. All for just $10.00. Damn I'm good. Now lets see what I can come up with from these goodies. See you soon.