Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Faith's Healer

Here is a piece I made called "Faith's Healer". Since so much is going on in the world around us these days. I think this piece represents a warm and solemn place that we all need. The gentle image. The depth of the tapestry blanket representing all that is around us. Perched in front the milagros heart with the peaceful butterfly inside hoping to be released to bring peace and calm. When you look at this piece allow yourself to be taken to a peaceful place to "Faith's Healer". Enjoy!


Creative Frenzy said...

Hi Kimberly! your art is both gorgeous and inspiring! I have enjoyed pouring over your blog posts and seeing your beautiful pieces!
It was lovely to meet you the other day at Scrapbooking Moments In Time and I hope that we can keep in touch and perhaps meet up at the store again to sit and do some art together!!
Wonderful to meet you!

Kimberly's Mixed Media Art said...

Thanks Gabi. I feel the same. Maybe we can set a date to play. (smile).