Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time to Vote Diva Art Contest

Take a few moments and check out all the entries for the Diva Art Contest. Then cast your vote for your favorite. Polls close 11/08/09 at 12 noon. Thanks for voting.


Artsnark said...

Great entries! Is this where to vote? If so, I pick #6

Unknown said...

I hope folks read carefully My friend just told me she meant to vote for my picture which is (#1) on the Poll but thought I was # 2 because it was the second photo and it had entry #2 above it? Good luck #2 .:-)
no matter what it was fun !!

Unknown said...
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LuLu said...

Howdy Kimberly,

When do we get the official poll results for the Diva challenge?

Mary Lou "LuLu"
(Diva entry #5)

Kimberly's Mixed Media Art said...

Congratulations to Lulu. The winner of the Diva Contest.