Friday, November 13, 2009


Oooh La La! I think everyone is familiar with Josephine. She was a stunning beauty that would have given Beyonce(still love you girl) a run for her money. I decided to make her the next contest. I hope there are some fans out there that want to do her up in style. I drew this picture from an old photo I came across.

So the rules are the same as previous contest. Grand prize is a $25.00 money order. You will also receive a copy of all the entries submitted. I will from this point on be putting a watermark on the posted entries (to protect my contest participants original works). This will not be on the collage sheets. When you enter the contest all entries become my property. I will handle them carefully. Promise. One more thing when you enter I will send you the entry number to avoid confusion on voting.

Please forward me your art link along with your contact information in the comment section. I will review all messages before posting them. This way your contact information is strictly for me.

Now that all that is out the way. Work my Josephine up! Deadline is Dec 1, 2009


kecia deveney said...

what a fun contest,kim! you draw very well, i might add. if i have the time, i will try to play along with you!

Unknown said...

Wow , this is so cool . I will try to and will tell other artist i know to try too. thanks for the challenge.

LuLu said...

'Josephine' is another great challenge. Your drawing was so inspirational for the entrants, Kim! Thanks for such a beautiful framework to unleash our creativity.


Vee said...

amazing drawing!!