Saturday, November 29, 2008

Life Continues to Bring Challenges

After the Storm
The storms may come And limbs may break; Yet others bend Beneath the weight-- Of heavy rain And windy breeze... A storm can mark The strongest trees.
Life sometimes deals With us this way; In unseen trials We meet each day. It's not how much our bodies breakOr how much they may bend; It's our outlook in our own life That helps our spirits mend.
~Hilen Letiro

This Thanksgiving will remain a memory for my youngest. He is just about to turn seventeen and life has been dealing him some cruel cards. The first was the death of his friend's father just before Thanksgiving. He died of cancer and left behind a young man the same age as my son. My heart bleeds for this child because his mother passed when he was only twelve. I can only imagine his pain. I have seen him and he seems to being doing well, but I know once the friends and family have gone the pain seeps in to claim its place around him. When I took my son over to see him I saw pain in my son's eyes I have not seen before. You see, my son is very emotional and cares deeply for those around him. It is always important to him for family and friends to be together. So when someone he cares about faces a loss it touches him emotionally. I am thankful to God that he was blessed with such a caring soul.
But while dealing with this situation. I was at work and he called me. I couldn't understand him through the tears and pain. Once he collected himself, he told me two of his friends were in a fatal car accident Thanksgiving night. One was killed and the other in critical condition. He was beyond distraught. This was unbelievable. How could this happen to two young and promising teenagers. All of his friends gathered together to see the one in the hospital. But one of my son's friends was extremely distraught. I held him tightly and let him cry. This is such a tough lesson to learn at an early age. I promised them things would be better with time. I assured them that their friend would want them to continue on. He was with God now. They all had trouble sleeping, which is completely normal. I also want to give my son space and freedom for a while to help heal. I believe the lesson did hit home. My son told me the other day when he gets his license in a couple of weeks, he will put their names on his steering wheel to remind him of driving safely. So with that said, I send my prayers and thoughts to family of the young man who lost his life and I will pray for a speedy recovery for the young man who survived. I will also pray for my son to hold their memories dear but not to dwell on the pain. May God bless him.

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