Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life Bent with Tragedy

I really want to express a message of sympathy to a young star whose world was turned beyond upside down last Friday. It is beyond comprehension the pain this girl and her family are feeling right now. There have been a few comments that this happens everyday, why is it different. There is no difference, any life taken in such a tragic and unnecessary manner is horrific. I really can't figure people out sometimes and maybe its not my job to try. But I get up everyday go thru my daily routine and repeat the process over and over again. The difference is that it never crosses my mind to infringe on another person's life. People make you angry, upset and bewildered sometimes but move on its part of life's lessons.

Is it possible that the generation this person or people come from are so hardened that they disregard these life lessons and human life. The worst part is taking the life of a child. That child didn't ask to be part of this conflict. He woke up that morning, I'm sure happy and looking forward to a day of play and learning with his friends. The only solace in all of this is he is now in a better place with his grandma and uncle. If all this was all this cold world had to offer his little soul he just may be in a better place. Shine on sweetie.

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