Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's New on My Etsy

I know I do a variety of different art pieces and hopefully I do them well. Paper arts still seem to be my favorite draw. With hundreds of different techniques and thousands of different products (I am sure I have one of each in my studio) I am able to experiment and create pieces that hopefully bring pleasure and delight to the eye. Its amazing how much I have grown from the first time I sat at my kitchen table and created my first ATC over 3 years ago. I have since defined my own style, migrated up to traveling to different workshops around the country and even landed a teaching gig with some fabulous women in CT. This is from a chick who used to be scared to fly. I still am a little but I will drive somewhere. (chuckle) I have met some fabulous people and engaged in the most interesting adventures and conversations. I neatly pack all of this in my art memories, so that years from now I can reflect back and say I really came to life with that one ATC.
Take a moment and check out my etsy site. More items are added often.


Lovey said...

Hello Kymberly,
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Anonymous said...

oh these are so pretty! well done!

they make me smile to look at!

come visit me sometime!

ciao bella
creative carmelina