Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Play

Did I mention that I really don't like living in a 4 season state? Well I don't. Simply because this year we have had over 20+ inches of snow in the last week and a half. Ugh!!!!!! I am really ready to move to a warm climate. I am really reaching that point. Between getting stuck in the house and sinus issues. I think I'll risk the rattlesnakes and move west. (smile).
Well, now that I have vented. Here's what I did while I was snowed in. I love vintage photos and work with them more than I paint sometimes. So I created some funky backgrounds and added a some vintage beauties to start a series of Diva Pages. Its amazing what boredom can produce. Enjoy!

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Dancing Palmtrees said...

Kimberly, I love your blog and your website. It reminds me so much of a special exhibit the Met has now called Victorian collage. Photography was a new thing in the late 19th century and the women who created collages using photos of family and friends along with watercolor paintings were quite creative. On the surface it may seem juvenile but having worked in that particular exhibit and listened to visitor comments plus having the opportunity to carefully examine the artwork, the photo creations reveal quite a bit regarding what they thought about their friends, husbands, neighbors plus their social status. Visitors to Victorian Collage say it makes them think of photoshop or a form of what we called "Scrapbooking".
BTW -- In the next few months I too will delve into the art world with one of my poems presented as one would view a painting. My work could be classified as folk art and/or avant-garde.