Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Christmas

Let me start by saying I have so much to be thankful for during Christmas. This Christmas I am the host house. Family will be visiting (can't wait to see them). Also, this year will be much different than the past years. My children are all grown. My daughter is preparing to have her first christmas tree in NY and my son is 18 and having his last official at home christmas before college. We are about to become empty nesters. Things will never be quite the same. I will miss the excitement of the kiddies, the baking cookies, the official reading of "The Polar Express" and the glass of milk with the plate of santa cookies. My husband would bite each one to make it appear that Santa nibbled a few. So it will be a little different waiting for a train to arrive or a drive to retrieve someone. But over all I still love the reason for the season. Have a blessed holiday.


LuLu said...

Your Christmas card is beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your almost empty nest.


Lovey said...

I absolutely love this card! Simply beautiful!