Saturday, September 5, 2009

Peaceful Contest Entries

Entry # 11
Entry # 10
Entry # 9
Entry # 8
Entry # 7
Entry # 6
Entry # 5
Entry # 4
Entry # 3
Entry # 2
Entry # 1
Thank you all for taking time to use my design to create some wonderful entries. There is still time for anyone who is interested in joining in the fun. Sept 15th is the deadline. Here are some of the entries I have received so far.


Unknown said...

Hi Kimberly,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your challenge. I will try to join in. It seems great...and the art is wonderful.

Sherri and Ellee said...

These are all lovely! Maybe I will find the chance to try my hand at one before the 15th! Thanks for the challenge!

Diana Trout {} said...

What a lovely idea! These are beautiful. It would be so lovely to see them all hung together!

NIfty said...

How do I post an entry ? I don't know if I should bother all the entries are so beautiful.

NIfty said...

I didn't know any to post my entry I will add my blog here if you want to add it to the contest.

Kimberly's Mixed Media Art said...

Entry # 11 is a late entry and will not be able to voted for in the poll. If you wish to vote for this entry just leave your choice in the comments section by stating VOTE: Entry #11

I'm Toni said...

It was hard to vote - they are all so beautiful! What creativity!

Jen5253 said...

Wow! So many beautiful entries!! The first one almost looks quilted!!! What a fun idea!! I'm too late for this contest, but I'll look for others!!

Retta said...

Congratulations to the winner!!! Beautiful work!

Cindy Rescorl said...

Congrats to Ruby!! All the other entries are beautiful too!