Thursday, June 25, 2009

What have we lost?

Today, was another numbing moment. Two Icons of Hollywood took their final journey home. Farrah Fawcett, may you rest in peace. Michael Jackson, may you now find the peace you so desperately sought in this world. Not since Marvin Gaye have I shed a tear for a fallen celebrity but last night I did. He was bizarre, yes. But he was also one of the most tragic childhood star stories to be a part of Hollywood.

I grew up with Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 playing on our record player and excited to have my Michael Jackson kissing poster on the bedroom wall. My sisters and I used to rush to buy the new J5 single when it came out and play it over and over again. Even though money was tight. My sister and I chatted last night and she remembers waking up one morning as a teen to "I'll Be There" and falling for the J5 then. They were and will always be a memorable sound. He was a unique individual and the world was always looking thru his stained glass windows. The older he got the more curiouser he became. Facial changes, long hair and quirky ways made him seem strange to people. But I think he never had a chance to live a normal childhood life and that probably affected his psyche over time. It must be so overwhelming to have never been out of the spotlight. I wonder what he saw when he looked in the mirror, when he was alone? Well, we will never know. I just hope that now he will be remembered for his outstanding concert performances and deep in your soul music that stays with you forever. I don't care what people say he was an Icon, he was and will remain my Icon of Pop Music. Michael, enjoy your journey home.

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Barbara said...

Thank you so much for writing this entry. We must be very close in age. I own the Jackson 5 album with 'Rockin Robin' on it. I gave up trying to explain to my 10 yo dd how important Michael Jackson was to music and our culture. I couldn't have written what he meant any better.